Monday, March 19, 2007


Tomorrow morning I will leave for Besisahar and the start of the Annapurna Circuit. I anticipate that it will take me around twenty five days to complete the circuit and for that time there will be no blog updates as I don't expect to find affordable Internet access or for that matter Internet access at all.
So until then stay healthy I know I will try to do the same.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Rafting the Bhote Kosi was awesome.
(Just check out the photos)


The main reason for coming to Nepal for me is always the great beauty of the landscape and in particular the mountains, so I was more then a little pleased when I saw the first snow capped peaks appearing.

Yours truly with the Langtang Himal in the background. I am not sure why I am squinting at the camera, must be the sun.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


The weather is a lot nicer today. The sun has come out and a breeze from the mountains keeps in optimum temperature for walking so off I went to Swayambudnath, popularly known as the monkey temple.

The walk there and back is about two hours and includes two hundred stairs to get to actual temple complex so if nothing else it is good exercise for the body and with all the monks and pandits in this place it srely must be good for the mind as well.

Entrance to Swayambudnath
One of the monkeys giving the place it's name.

First view of the Stupa

The real reason for the temples

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


At two minutes to One local time the plane touched down in a rainy Kathmandu.
It's now a few hours later and I have checked into the Kathmandu Guest House where nothing has changed since my last visit more then five years ago. Same people still doing the same jobs.
When I ventured out in Thamel it became rapidly clear that although it's the high season tourist numbers are still, well down. It isn't quiet but it isn't the full mind blowing three ring circus that it used to be either.
I will start to check out what the possibilities for rafting are and how they fit in with my other plans and make a decision on what I am going to do next sometime tomorrow.
In the mean time watch this space for further announcements and some photos.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

New trip coming up!

Just a quick update to fill you in on what I have been up to lately.
After returning from South East Asia at the end of December I have spend most of my time with Bronwyn and the children. However now I am getting ready for another trip. This coming Monday I will fly out to Bangkok and then the next day on to Kathmandu.
Once there I hope to go white water rafting as well as hiking for a month or so. My initial plans are to raft the Sun Kosi then trek to everest or do he Annapurna Circuit followed by another rafting trip, possibly the Karnali.
As usual I am sure things will change once I get underway but that is part of the excitement. So stay tuned for photos and stories from Nepal.