Monday, January 03, 2005

A beautiful day.

Another beautiful day. Our workforce went to work without complaint, much to my surprise, and production is up.
Anyway that gave me the opportunity for a quick tour of the countryside.
Twenty minutes flying from here is Walagu village where we are recruiting some of our labour from and it is one of the nicer villages I have seen both in and outside PNG. It is clean and the well looked after houses are for 99% built in the traditional manner with woven sides and thatch roofs and the village elders prohibit smoking in their village. An interesting fact is that first contact with these people was only made in 1970 and they were a feared group of cannibals at that time. Even now their witchdoctor is apparently taken very seriously by the other people in the area and when we did the negotiations with the various clans for the heads of agreement for this project the other participants refused to sleep in the same room as the representative from Walagu.

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