Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting bored.

Today marks my first week in Vientiane and I am getting pretty bored. There is still no sign of my visa card and I am trying to come up with a plan B.
Meanwhile I am settling in a routine of breakfast, walk, read, read some more, dinner, watch tv and go to sleep again.
If nothing else my attention has been focussed on my spending and I manage to make do with $15 a day for accommodation, food and entertainment. Not a lot of entertainment though other then walking around town.
Anyway hopefully that card will arrive soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hoi Eric,

Behalve je financiele problemen alles goed daar? Lukt het lopen een beetje?
Wel lekker he, dat je toch ook al aan het begin van je vakantie al even in kathmandu langs kan.
Hier alles goed. Jesper is je zeker nog niet vergeten. Ik zal snel eens wat foto's opsturen.

Groetjes, Edwin