Friday, March 05, 2004

I changed the template that I use for this blog to something more to my liking and I have also started work on a logo. The half finished version will be replaced with the complete one when it's done.

One of the things that had been nagging me at various times, except when I was near a computer, was that I hadn't bought a ticket from Whangarei to Auckland yet. So I fixed that up this afternoon and forked out seventy six dollars for a one way trip on Air New Zealand.

As I am very much still trying to come to grips with blogging and how to add features to my site you will notice the odd bit unrelated to travel coming up in here. In this case here, if all goes well, is a picture of my young friend Daniel.

There is at least some tenuous relation to travel here in that I undoubtedly will miss him a great deal.

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