Thursday, March 04, 2004

I guess that the idea of a blog is that you make regular entries to it. So in spite of the fact that I didn't do much in regards to my trip today I feel more or less compelled to write anyway.

One of the things that has been crossing my mind is what do you take with you on a trip like this? I have narrowed it down to a 25 litre backpack and the following.
Toiletries & First Aid Kit
2 T-shirts
1 Dress shirt
1 pair Shorts (That double as swimming togs)
1 pair of Trousers
4 pair of Underwear
1 pair of Tevas
Now comes the hard part. Should I take a pair of hiking boots as well? How about a rain coat or a sweater? I haven't made up my mind yet on that.
Overall whatever goes on the final list it has all to fit within the above mentioned backpack.

Another thing that has been occupying my mind is the fact that my flight to Singapore arrives at 2.15 in the morning. That means that even if things go smoothly as they usually do in Singapore I won't be through immigration and customs before 3 am. At that time of the night it will be difficult to find a hostel that is open and wiling to check me in, so should I stay on the airport and wait till morning light before I go into town or should I book a room in a more up market property with twenty four hour check in facilities?

Anyway all this and more will be decided at some stage....Tomorrow maybe?

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