Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Tried to buy some traveller cheques from the bank yesterday. What a performance. First I went to my regular branch where they have a sign at the foreign exchange desk promoting the sale of American Express Traveller cheques. So I approached the teller and requested USD 2,500, this got met with a vacant stare and a look towards her supervisor who shook her head. I was still waiting for an answer but as none was forthcoming I asked again this time they deigned to speak to me and said we haven't got that much in stock try our other branch in town. I was furious but stomped of to the other branch anyway. They made up for the sullen approach of their colleagues by at least arranging to order my TC's in; they didn't have them in stock either. Then I also wanted some cash US dollars in tens and twenties, always handy for the odd last minute purchase or to smooth the way with officials in the countries I plan to visit. This was again rather difficult and I ended up with a combination of five and fifty dollar notes. Sometimes I really wonder if I am the only one in town that goes on overseas trips.

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